The Art of Creating the Perfect Eyebrows

The key to understanding which eyebrow shape is perfect for you, is not an easy task.  First and foremost, you must understand that your eyebrows are the “frames” for your face. There’s only one thing that all art has in common: a frame. Consider that every unique piece of art is either enhanced or diminished by its frame.  For instance,  if you were to walk through the Louvre in Paris you would see every work of art is framed to enhance its individual beauty.  By including somethings, and excluding others, the reference points change, the emphasis changes, the perspective changes and if done magnificently, enhance your natural beauty.

Your eyebrows require the same exact care and consideration.  Just as no two works of art are the same, no two faces are the same.  Your eyebrows are unique to YOU!!!  That being said, never allow just anyone to shape your eyebrows!!!