The Architecture of the Perfect Eyebrow

No matter how you look at it eyebrows are a very important feature on ones face. They have a mind of their own and boast a lot of emotion. You may have long, lovely, thin, coarse, curly or any variety of brow and a true brow expert can tame them all.

Sometimes, I have clients that bring in magazine tear outs of their favorite actress or super-model and request a similar brow shape. I do my very best to capture that look as long as their eye and face shapes are similar. But, mostly, with a brief consultation I can transform your brows into the shape that is the most beautiful for you. You see, there’s a beautiful brow that’s unique to you. Every face is different, thus every pair of eyes should have brows that are customized for them. I am able to see through the thick and thin of what that might be and give you the perfect set or eyebrows.

Depending on what you’ve tweezed or have had waxed away, it might take a few appointments to get your brows to a shape that’s best for you, but if you’ll put down those tweezers—Seriously….just step away from the tweezers—and leave it to an expert, I will transform your eyebrows.


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